Our premium six-month mentorship package is designed to give you intimate coaching and access our high-powered tools that will boost your journey in the media!

What’s included?

  • Access to the Media Ready Membership and all the multiweek courses


  • Our high impact survey designed to help you pull out your life’s experiences so that you can leverage your experience as media worthy mentions – Value $499
  • Biweekly group coaching calls to not only the provided education but also the support to keep you accountable – Value $12,000
  • 3 – 1x1 strategy calls to get personal support to discuss your personal progress – Value $3000
  • Pitch templates that can be used over and over again to reach the media – Value $1,000
  • Monthly drop of media contacts which will keep you from searching for journalists, editors, and other media professionals – Value $2,000
  • Custom pitch created monthly that you can send directly to media outlets – Value $2500
  • An exclusive media night to meet influential media personnel – Value $3,000
  • Onset camera training in Houston, TX! Lights, Camera, Action. Come to our partner studio where you get to work on your camera presence and practice your messaging points – Value $5000

Total package value = $28,999

Your Price: $12,500

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In addition to power packed Media Ready Course, you get 3 1x1 sessions with our award-winning PR and brand communication coach.

  • Access to Media Ready Membership for a year – Annually $828
  • The Media Ready Course – Value $4990
  • Plus 3 private sessions to get some personal time dedicated to help you reach your goals. – Value $1000 per session

Total package value = $8815

Your Price: $4500

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Video instruction is a good option, but we all know that most people love live instructor led trainings. This 6- week intensive will take a deep dive into the primary components of crushing it for the media.

What’s included?

  • Mastering media mindset which helps you see the possibilities and start moving closer to the media of your dreams
  • Crafting a quick and informative elevator pitch so that people quickly recognize who you are and who you serve
  • Writing and telling a compelling brand story that helps you have many talking points to connect with the media
  • How to create professional bios and media kits that present you as the industry expert
  • The guide to having unwavering camera confidence so you can overcome camera fright
  • A look into social media and why this matters to the media
  • A review of where to find media for your brand and pointers so that you can start pitching right away
  • Plus, all the benefits of the membership (1 year of access included)
  • And so much more….

We normally deliver each of these courses at $499 each, but we are offering a bundle deal at:

Total Package Value: $4990

Your Price:


Because you must start somewhere! This monthly membership will give you access to courses that unlock the code to being prepared for the media!

What’s included?

  • Monthly course that explores the building blocks of making your brand media worthy – Value $499 per course
  • Easy to use guides and templates that makes creating media docs and messaging points a breeze - Value $99 per guide
  • Access to a community of other serious brand builders
  • Discounts on courses, media events and other live events hosted by Black Orchids PR
  • Receive special and exclusive offers before the general public
  • Lifetime access to courses

$69 Monthly