Chenadra Washington, the owner and founder of Black Orchids PR, is an award-winning publicity strategist, brand communication specialist, PR Coach, and trainer.

She is known for being a polished and articulate speaker that encourages others to stand firm in their subject matter expertise and helps them tell both their personal and brand stories more effectively. Chenadra helps her clients stand out amongst the crowd and strives to help them raise their profile. She believes that your story matters and you must know how to tell it!

Chenadra started her education in brand communications during her time as a corporate brand ambassador for a leading global bank. After reaching a plateau in corporate America as a former financial services leader, Chenadra decided to build a brand that amplifies the voices of women and teaches them importance of showing up to build bankable brands. She has transitioned her ability to be highly adaptable into an unmatched support system for her clients.

Since that time Washington has spoken on several stages, panels, and summits. She has been seen in FOX, Yahoo Finance, Go Banking Rates, First Horizon Bank, The Grio and so many more. She has been awarded numerous awards including Woman of Courage, Top 10 Houston Business Leader, Diversity in Business Award, and Breakout PR Firm of the Year.

Chenadra is also the author of an Amazon best seller, "Seen & Not Heard: The Invisible Impact of Black Women."